A resource site by Counseling In Schools

Partners In Healing is Counseling In Schools’ collaborative, inquiry-based training framework for supporting the social and emotional well-being of NYC students, teachers, and caregivers. This site presents a resource center born from our years of experience supporting school personnel and families with the language and tools to be trauma-informed and healing-centered in their relationships with their children.

Reflecting upon the impact of a devastating pandemic, its disproportionate impact on Black people and People of Color, and the racial reckoning that is being justly demanded throughout our nation, it is imperative that we learn to help each other heal. Through the power of partnership, teachers, counselors, administrators and family members can provide safe learning environments for students while ensuring that our own wellbeing is sustained.

Counseling In Schools operates from the principle that it is essential to support the social emotional development of young people and their caregivers. Simply put, in order for students to thrive, the adults in their lives also need to thrive.

As partners, we welcome your ideas for what this resource center can offer―what do you need? What is already working for you professionally that you would like more of? Is there something in the current learning environment that you seek insight about? What kind of activities for remote-SEL would enhance your teacher-student dynamic? Do you need support to refocus your practice to be able to teach and take care of yourself?

Welcome to our online resource page. We look forward to our partnership.