SEL @ Home: Soup-er Fun Restaurant

This at-home family activity is courtesy of our friends at, an organization teaching all communities cooking as a lifetime skill and solution to achieving overall health and well-being.

This is a great way to infuse an everyday occurrence with creativity.


While waiting for dinner to cook, or while you cook, your child can “follow” your recipes and invent a restaurant with all their favorite dishes.
  • Child/ren draws a picture of each dish and writes a description for each dish on the menu based on their observations of home-cooking
  • Child/ren invent fun names for each dish, and the restaurant itself.
  • Child/ren creates a menu with the different kinds of food they will serve and creates prices for each dish.
    • TIP: can make a “draft” menu on scrap paper and “final” menu on another piece.
  • Arrange chairs and go to your child’s restaurant. Order off the menu, and have your child bring you the drawings of their food.
  • Ask for the check and help your child do the math to add up all the dishes and present the check at the end of the “meal.”