LGBTQ Advocacy: Discussing and Drawing Gender

LGBTQ young people face unique challenges in their school years. In recent decades we have seen more LGBTQ+ representation, which has created an important shift in cultural norms, but the threat of rejection, prejudice, and violence remains potent. The activities below are designed to draw out meaningful discussions and encourage self-acceptance.

Discussion Questions

Use the following questions to engage students in a conversation or as a writing assignment group members can complete on their own.

1. What media messages about how you should act and dress cause you the most stress? What can you do to counteract those messages?

2. Which aspects of yourself do you choose to keep the same despite the negative messages you receive from the media?

3. What advice would you give another person about how to be themselves, no matter what messages they receive from others?

Draw-It Directive

These self-portraits can be shared with the group, in breakout rooms, or on a discussion board.

Ask students to fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise. One side will be labeled "REQUIRED" and the other will be labeled "CHOICE". They will then draw a self-portrait in each half.

RequireD: This self-portrait will show what a student would look like if they followed all the messages from TV, books, and Advertisements about what someone of their gender should be.

choice: this self-portrait will show students as who they choose to be. They should include how they dress, act, etc and what they do in their free time.