Group Quilt

Creating quilts, from any materials, is a way for students to tell their stories through art while working collaboratively. Group Quilts represent unique individuals and the community they become together. You can refer back to the quilt throughout the school year to reinforce concepts, e.g. equality, uniqueness, and acceptance.

Step by Step

You can modify this activity to reflect any classroom subject, such as exploring a historical or literary figure, or different scientific or civic concepts, for example.

MATERIALS: Construction paper, crayons, markers, pencils, tape or glue

  • Distribute materials to each student
  • State that we are now going to develop individual quilt squares with each student's individual square divided into four areas:
    • My strengths
    • People who support me
    • Healthy activities I enjoy
    • Wishes for the future
  • In each quadrant, students create a visual representation of each category. Encourage them to be as creative as possible, and use any and all of the supplies available; students can draw, collage magazine clippings, print images (if printer available), etc.
  • Once all students have completed their individual squares, ask each member to share their square with the group, and post it on a wall in the room adjacent to their peers' squares.


  • Music can influence the mood of the room and the quality of the expression in the work. You can create a quiet, reflective mood with relaxing music, or opt for music that is energizing, inspiring, and motivating based on what you know students respond to.
  • We recommend using the “Critique Sandwich on Compliment Bread” as a framework for the sharing portion of the process.
  • After the final square has been placed in the group quilt on the wall you can debrief by asking the students what they experienced during the process, and what they observe when they look at the group quilt.