Community Agreement

A community agreement is a collaborative, social contract that includes concrete ways to create and support the culture of a group. Before engaging in group work, all participants (students, teachers, peers) establish norms within the context of the space (remote or in-person) that everyone can agree to uphold.

Creating a Community Agreement is an opportunity to get to know individuals in the space, as well as to set the standard for the type of environment you aim to create.

Some considerations to establish an agreement can be:

  • How do we learn and work best?
  • How can I support an environment that is ideal for my learning and working?
  • How can I support an environment that is ideal for my students’/ classmates’ learning and working?

The next page features an example community agreement; you'll notice the use of natural language and visual elements that support the ideas.

Page 3 features a blank template. We encourage you make it your own in a way that is fully reflective of your group; the more represented participants feel in a community agreement, the more invested they will be in the group and space.